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Proudly Made in India


Founded in June 2013 by SOMU SWAPNA

Founded in June 2013, PetuniaDesigns has grown as an exclusive Saree design studio. Ms. Somu Swapna has started this enterprise and Stemming from her deep-rooted love for Indian artwork, the couturier brings to you a collection that is assembled by the master craftsmen. Sarees represent the essence of womanhood. The wonder dress wrapped around the body adds absolute grace and elegance to a woman. Our especially designed saree adds personality and style along with the fashion statement to a woman. Few of our Designs are Inspiration from the works of Famous painters / Artists. Credits are always given wherever inspirations are drawn


Passionate about Art, Designs, Handicrafts and Apparel

From a small town in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh, my journey has been quite a humble one. After my Bachelor’s degree from Vishakapatnam and work experience from some significant establishments in the UK, my dream of my own startup was always on my thoughts. Personally, I am obsessive and zealous about Arts, handicrafts and travel. My Passion has got me exposed to various arts &cultures globally from different countries in Europe to most parts of India, China, Hong Kong,Thailand, and Cambodia. Backed by lot of research and visits to various cities across India, My idea of own startup fell into place with PetuniaDesigns. The very purpose behind founding this firm was – A lot of artists and talented professionals who are passionate about their work and produce some marvelous pieces of art, are actually being pushed into oblivion without proper packaging and awareness in main stream business. My honest approach is to create a solid framework for these set of different artisans across India to make their apparel or art encouraged, promoted and packaged well. Such my first startup is a combination of viable business through social responsibility of creating financial independence to a lot of professionals who are uniquely talented. My primary aim is to bring world class art; design and quality apparel under one umbrella, with highest standards of manufacturing, finishing and packaging being adhered. I take a lot of pleasure in designing new apparel and contributing to over 50% of the designs in our offerings. With no formal education in Fashion or Design, it wasmy passion towards Art and handicrafts, which paved way to this creativity. Being a small team of likeminded professionals, we interact with clients and distribution partners on a day to day basis to improve our existing product range, delivery cycles, infrastructure and quality of offerings. I personally ensure I am available on most social platforms in a process to have better online presence and also to increase awareness of our firm. It is my constant endeavor to make by establishment a cusp of unique collection of handicrafts, apparel and art to users across the globe. At PetuniaDesigns, we aim to offer the highest standards of quality at most affordable prices while creating a better world to live in.