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FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

Petunia Designs - Art Crafted with Love

We predominantly handle different types of handicraft products, Paintings, Block Prints, Jamdani weaving & Hand painted clutches.
We as an Organization strongly believe in promoting handicrafts and Artisians which are unique.

Our major USP will be Hand painted Sarees, which individually painted with expert craft by professional artists, making the saree their canvas to splash their creativity. We strive to ensure that we follow highest standards of quality in all our products. Backed by years of Experience in our core teams we have been introducing various fabrics and type of paints which are again our USP.

Jamdani Weaving
We create Modern Art on sarees through skilled hand weaving which is done by expert handicraft personnel. Though there is a huge revolutionary changes in technology usage in this segment, Handicrafts have their uniqueness and purity. We never use any Jacquard machines or Screen Digital Printing in our Sarees, Such each of our Saree usually takes between 2 to 3 months to deliver. These sarees are traditionally called Jamdani. Our Weaving technic on the pallu part looks like painting, But it is 100% weaving. Normally you can find jamdani sarees with florals, pots, and traditional geometric patterns/styles in the market. Compare to the Old traditional sarees we came up with transforming Modern Art , Abstract, Bengal Scripts, Geometric patterns/style , color combinations which makes us different from others.

Block Print:
In traditional hand block printing, design is first drawn on wood using a sharp needle and then carved using chisel, hammer, file, nails etc. The fabric, which is to be printed, is placed on flat tables and impressions are then carefully made using beautifully carved blocks.
No. All our collection is on made to order basis.
No. we are open to retail and wholesale type of orders, Small or big- every business is key to our success.
Orders are usually placed through email. Product codes are displayed on the top right hand corner of each image. You need to specify the code and the number of pieces that you require by email. Once we receive your order. Our Team will process the order and revert back with updates.
Yes, Shipping charges vary from country to country and we can determine the exact shipping cost to your country while placing an order based on the weight and sizes.
This might vary from country to country, Sometimes, there may be Import Duty / Vat / Custom Tax and must be paid directly by you. Since these are not in our control and not even included in ordering process, Government may charge you in your country on receiving goods. You will require verifying if your Country levies any taxes for handicrafts and apparel.
We accept Bank Transfers, Western Union, and Bank Cash Deposits.
Goods once sold will not be taken back or exchanged.
Dry cleaning is the preferred method.